Booktag: All About Reading

I saw this tag over on Lefty’s blog @ The Left-Handed Book LoverΒ ( make sure to check out her post and her blog because they are amazing!) and it looked like a lot of fun! I have never done a tag on my blog before and this seems like a great one to start with so, without further ado, this is the All About Reading tag:

What do you look for the most when you pick up a book?

  1. a beautiful writing style
  2. a character driven story
  3. a plot driven story

Honestly, I always look for a perfect balance between these three aspects. A story can be written in the most beautiful and lyrical prose but when it lacks well-written characters and an interesting and gripping plot, I will not like it. The same goes for a well-written plot with great characters but a terrible writing style, I just need to have all three of them present in a book.

What are your pet peeves in books?

I don’t think I really have any pet peeves. The only thing that can annoy me in a story sometimes are love triangles. I just don’t like the concept of them, never have. I can still absolutely adore a book that has a love triangle in it though but only if it is a realistic and well-written one. Another thing that annoys me are unrealistic endings, essentially the ‘and they lived happily ever after endings.’ As sad as I will be when an ending isn’t completely happy with all problems resolved, it just insn’t realistic in my opinion which may be very pessimistic of me but it is still what I think πŸ™‚

If you could print one quote on your wall, which one would it be?

How about the entire first page of the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien? Does that count? It is essentially a very large quote, right? πŸ™‚ That book just has a special place in my heart because it is the book that got me into reading Fantasy which is now my all time favourite genre! I still reread the Hobbit from time to time and seeing that first sentence always makes me incredibly happy!

Which genre would you like to explore more?

Definitely historical fiction! I really love history but I have hardly read any historical fiction novels, the ones I did read all had an element of fantasy laced through the story so they don’t really count. Does anyone have any good historical fiction recommendations?

Was there ever a movie adaptation you liked better than the book?

I don’t think there is one, at least I can’t think of one at the moment. The book is always better in my opinion because in adaptations they are always forced to leave so many of the little things out of the story that made the book so special in the first place.

If one of your favorite books would be adapted or get a new adaptation, which book would it be and what role would you like to play?

I would love to see the Night Circus adapted into a movie or a tv series as it is my all time favourite book! But only if they do it exceptionally well. I would rather not have an adaptation at all instead of having a mediocre one. Personally I would not want to play a big role. I’d be happy with a role as a spectator of the circus so I can watch all the magic come to life from a distance πŸ™‚

A hyped book you wouldn’t recommend at all?Β 

I honestly do not have an answer to this question. I am the kind of person that is satisfied very easily especially when it comes to reading and there is nothing more I hate than disliking a book and giving it a low rating. I always try to look for the good parts instead of the bad ones which results in me being the least critical person but I am working on that…

A book that highly influenced your life and way of thinking?

Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. This is the book that really got me into reading in the first place when I was a child. Needless to say it has influenced my life quite a lot as reading is now a huge part of it thanks to this book. The book itself didn’t necesarilly influence my way of thinking but the reading habits I got after reading this book certainly did. I have so many books now that really had an impact on me and my way of thinking. I like to think that I learn something from every book I read.

Are you a fan of rereading books? Do you do it often?Β 

I reread books quite often as I tend to wait too long before reading a sequel resulting in me having to read the first book again so I can read the second one πŸ™‚ It’s okay though as I really enjoy rereading books!

Which book title could easily be the title of your life?Β 

I don’t know… maybe Dreamwalker as I spend most of my time daydreaming about stories and other worlds? Or maybe Fangirl because that is a good word to describe me as a person πŸ™‚ This is such a difficult question!

Which book should be required reading for everyone?

I don’t think that there is a single book that everyone should read. Everyone looks for different things while reading so there can never be a book that everyone will like and appreciate.

Who do you tag?Β 

I tag everyone who, like me, sees this tag and thinks it will be fun to do. Make sure to leave a link in the comments when you decide to do this tag as well, I’d love to read your answers to these questions ❀

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are all having a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Booktag: All About Reading

  1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog!! So sweet.

    I love your answers! If you’re interested in historical fiction, have you read Kiersten White’s And I Darken yet? I don’t really like historical fiction, but I ADORE that book.

    Also, I definitely feel you on the re-reading part. I love re-reading books but I mostly do it so I can remember what happens before I read the next installment in a series lolol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! ❀ And ahh I have certainy heard of And I Darken! I really want to read that one soon! I didn’t know it was a historical fiction though, for some reason I always thought of it as a fantasy? πŸ˜…

      Liked by 1 person

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