About Me

Who Am I?

It seems a simple enough question to answer; The picture you see below, that’s me. My name is Kato, I am a 18-year-old highschool student with a passion for books and reading. But is that really who I am?

In a way, yes it is. But then again, I am so much more than that. A name, an age and a passion aren’t what defines a person. Humans are living, breathing creatures that grow and learn as they go on in life. We are not objects to stick labels to. Though labels are still what we tend to become. Most people don’t know me any better than the labels I’ve been given. Not that I blame them, I hardly know myself any better. I am only eightteen years old, I haven’t even lived for two decades. I don’t have enough life experience to fully know who I am, I’m still growing into the person I am meant to become. Do we ever stop growing? I don’t think so, that’s the beauty of being human.

So what does define a person? I believe the closest you will get to defining someone is by their actions, their words, their beliefs. So I hope that through this blog, you will discover the person behind my name and age, my labels. In return I aspire to get to know you as well.

Let’s let our words define us and turn it into a journey of self-discovery.

Will you take this journey with me?


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